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land development, stump removal, tree removal
land development, sand, land clearing, leveling
land development, stump removal, tree removal

Gulf Coast Land and Marine Services has become the preferred local land & marine construction contractors in the gulf coast area. John Chapman, the owner, had his first job with a tractor that his father bought him as a teenager. From there, he worked to buy his first piece of equipment which was a full-size tractor and bush hog. Now, Gulf Coast Land and Marine Services has a portfolio of equipment by Caterpillar to bring down large trees, clear land, and haul away debris. Once the site is cleared you have the same trusted company to prepare the land or your project, be that a mobile home, marine construction project, or storm recovery.

Some of the services we offer include...


Whether you’re starting a new project or expanding an existing one, our land development services can help you clear overgrown, and steep grades for property development. As you search for a contractor to help with your land preparation needs, there are a few things that are important to consider -- safety, experience, capability, and knowledge. Falling trees and rough terrain can be a dangerous combination without a contractor that is focused on safety. Gulf Coast Land & Marine Services is focused on avoiding unsafe behaviors and eliminating unsafe conditions onsite.

You don't want any issues with your building project, and you can trust Gulf Coast Land & Marine Services.


We all know that when living in the Gulf Coast, you will eventually have to deal with a storm. These storms can risk the investment that you have made in your property. Gulf Coast Land & Marine Services can consult on both preparing for a storm, but also perform storm recovery services. Don't risk making the damage worse by using a non-local service that is unlicensed and uninsured. You can trust Gulf Coast Land & Marine Services as your local partner for storm recovery.


When you're building a new home, the most important step is ensuring a solid foundation. Gulf Coast Land & Marine Services offers professional site preparation services to start your build off on the right foot. Our professionals will maneuver and level land for roads and foundations, dig trenches for gas, electric, and plumbing lines, grade and slope land for proper lawn drainage.

We have all of the necessary tools and equipment to get your land ready for construction. Call today to get started.