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John Chapman


John Chapman's passion for land and marine construction grew from being on or near the water his entire life growing up on the Mississippi gulf coast. His home, and even high school, were on the water. As a young man, he loved watching the contractors, and even jumped into help perhaps more than he should.

John started serving customers with his first business as a teenager: a lawn service company. That grew to a small construction operation even before earning both his bachelors & masters degrees from University of South Alabama and Grand Canyon University.

John's career took a turn as he worked in education, and coaching, developing character and leadership traits for our youth.

During this time, John couldn't help but keep his hand in the construction business working with Coastal Construction. Eventually, he made the choice to pursue the work that makes him truly happy: serving customers with land and marine construction services.

You can reach John at his personal cell (251) 487 8932

Licensing Information

Gulf Coast Land & Marine Services is licensed by the state of Alabama in addition to all local municipalities for construction services.


Gulf Coast Land & Marine Services carries complete liability insurance as well as workmans compensation which is available upon request.